Looking for the Dark Side

I am beginning to think that we need to put warning signs on the inside of our doors to warn people that going outside might force them to see/feel something that makes them uncomfortable/triggered or possibly have to deal with unfiltered reality.


What the fuck happened to common sense and reason? When did everything become open to attack for someone’s emotionally charged/motivated rant about how what they have just seen/felt/been exposed to/experienced is simply an abomination and should be stricken from the world as though it never existed?


Everyone seems to be in some kind of race to see who can be the most offended the fastest for the smallest reason. (What is the prize at the end of THAT race, righteous indignation?)


I read that a traditional holiday cartoon (Please note “CARTOON”) is being criticized for being insensitive to beings who are different from the norm.


Are you fucking idiots feeling so self-important that you can no longer see the difference between a piece of fiction created long ago for children does not need in any way to relate to your interpretation of society? The reindeer in the story is a hero in the end, you vacuous vapeheads!!  That’s the point! He saves the holiday for the whole fucking world, you empty headed twits! That is what the story is about, not bullying, but OVERCOMING bullying!


(Repeating in order to reinforce the point)…..The story is about OVERCOMING ADVERSITY, not about an overly sensitive ruminant being bullied for being different.


I am tired beyond belief of those assholes who simply HAVE to do their determined best to ruin anything/everything for anyone who does not share their particular sensitivities/viewpoints and…. (Let’s get this out there)… PREJUDICES. (Yep, I done said it cause it is true.)


It is kind of like the gluten thing. A small percentage of the population are sensitive to glutens. That is the way it is. But why suddenly is EVERYONE claiming that those pesky glutens should be watched like the mold growing on the bathroom walls? How about people who are sensitive deal with things and those who are not leave glutens alone and get on with doing something besides whining about imaginary diseases?  (No, I am not saying Celiac disease is imaginary. I am saying that far too many people claim to have Celiac when they in fact just want to play the victim and do not have anything wrong with them other that an inflamed sense of self-importance.)


Recently an objection was raised about a non-white cartoon character being  seated alone at a Thanksgiving table. At the period of time when that now traditional cartoon was made, inclusion of the non-white character was considered a somewhat radical idea and was both criticized and applauded depending on who cared to comment at the time. That cartoon helped some Americans come to accept the melanin enhanced into their everyday lives. It was a good thing to do and good came from it. Now some are whining that the character was treated unfairly and the show should now be banned.


Why in the fuck are some people focused on what is wrong with things and anxious to ignore what is right? Things are not perfect, but they are actually damn good and getting better. Traditional minorities have it better in the country than ever before. Health care is available to more people than ever before. Clean water, food, shelter, information, literacy, clothing, transportation are all available to Americans of nearly any means, yet a select group choose to focus on what is not perfect, not equal, not “fair”.


Please learn, especially in this season of celebration of whatever you celebrate, to look for the GOOD in things. Point out good things as often as you point out what is wrong. Instead of looking for darkness, see the light.


It is far better out there than you think.


Rant over

Road Trip

As a celebration of my feeling retired, I took a road trip.

I had a rather informal invitation from one of my stepsons who lives in Virginia and thought it would be a great way to begin a new life style.

I put some things in a 12 foot cargo trailer and headed out for an adventure and had a wonderful time, except for the actual traveling.

That is the thing about travel. The actual travel, getting from point A to point B, sucks. I don’t care if you fly, road trip, or walk it seems to suck. But then again, for me, anything involving strangers always seems to suck. I generally don’t like people, even if they are locked on other mobile steel cages moving at terrorizing speeds.

My longest stop on this 3 week adventure was with my ex wife’s brother. (I know, weird. In truth, I often joke that I got her whole family in the divorce and they all seem to agree with that sentiment. Even my ex-wife.) I had a great time there and everyone was very good to me.

I spent a weekend with my stepson and was treated to another very good time. He and his wife showed me new sights in Washington DC and were proud of their new home. (As well they should be.) It was a happy time for me.

Everyone that I went to see were wonderful to hang out with. Thank you to each and every one.

I took a load of pictures on my travels, and hope to post a link here to share. I love taking pictures and holding the ghosts of the reflected photons hostage to grab an unchangeable idea. Each picture is a fraction of a second, held in time, a memory, a thousand words in a captured moment.

Weather pushed me to be a bit more direct in my trip back home. With winter rearing her chilly head I thought it would be good to head home to my bed. ( And even better, my toilet. I don’t know why, but for some reason when I travel, my asshole slams shut. Usually as soon as I am home, my asshole senses it and proclaims, “Release the Kraken”!)

All is well at my home on wheels and I am settled in nicely. While I loved my trip, there is something to be said for coming back home. It was all good, a very good experience where memories were made and a new, more relaxed view of these United States was created.

We all live in a wonderful place, and I hope we manage to not tear our nation to bits over ideals. Please, all, appreciate what we have and have achieved as a nation. This is truly a great place and a great time to be here. Be for something and not against something. We have achieved something remarkable here and I fear that we are tearing it apart with conflicting views. I think it is good to disagree, but rational exchange of ideas is necessary. Don’t diss someone with different ideas, but engage them and learn from them. You both may come out better people.


While getting closer and closer to the midterm elections, political advertisements seem to be taking over all media. You can’t turn on the TV, radio, or even the Internet without being hounded by these insidious snippets intended to sway our way of thinking.

I particularly dislike the overwhelming negativity of these advertisements.

I don’t like the mudslinging, the anti-Trump/antiwhite/anti-America/anti-capitalism/anti-apple pie/anti-every-fukkin’- thing rhetoric that is shoved down my throat every time I turn on a device that connects me to the outside world.

I already know that shit is wrong. When I want to hear from a political candidate is what they’re actually going to do to try and fix things and what they intend to fix while in office. Don’t give me that bullshit, “I’m going to improve education”, and “I’m going to provide medical services to everyone”. Tell me how you intend to do things and tell me where the money is going to come from and I might listen.

I want the people who are supposed to represent my interests to actually represent my interests. I want to see people who are for things not against things. I want people who want to make things truly better, not just follow a political agenda. Socialism only makes things better for the people at the top. Capitalism, while not being perfect, at least gives the opportunity to make things better for anyone.

Capitalism has made the standard of living better for nearly everyone in the world. Medicine, water quality, housing, and food production have all improved through capitalism. In my opinion capitalism has done more to improve the human condition than anything else. So, needless to say, I expect a politician who represents my interests to be a capitalist.

I think that it’s time that we as a nation become more positive in our attitude and a lot less negative. We need to tell people what we are for, not what we are against. We need to work to build things up, not tear things down. We need to build things, create things, make things better than they were before. In a political advertisement I don’t want to hear what’s wrong with your opponent, I want to hear what is right with you.

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.


In this day when people seem to want to wait 30+ years to bring up something that you did when you were in high school, I think it might be a bright idea to create a sexual consent form.

This form should be a free phone app and have consent and details spelled out by both parties. (Or all parties if you’re into that sort of thing.)

These consent forms should be installed on everyone’s phone. Sex education class should emphasize that these forms need to be used each and every time, and signing one is the same as signing a legally binding contract. Each form would automatically upload to the cloud.

A public service campaign could make the public as aware of these forms and the need to use them as they are that cigarettes are bad for them.

I think that would do more to prevent teenage and unwanted pregnancies than telling your partner you’re going to name your first child “Wet Tile Floor”.

I was Wrong

In my last post, (from a long time ago) I expressed hopeful optimism that new direction in the political compass of this wonderful nation was about to occur.

My optimism was somewhat misplaced.

It takes time before the political correctness pendulum swings back and apparently, I did not wait long enough.

Several months ago I was fired from my job after making a politically incorrect joke about a team member who missed a lot of work. Several weeks of work. He missed nearly as much work as he was there for on a project that needed every hand on deck.

I was terminated for “abusing team members”.

What the fuck did they expect? With a name like Troll, did they think I was going to be sweetness and light and only see the shiny side of that tarnished penny? GMAFB! And for reasons that I can’t wrap my brain around, they fired my foreman as well. Why him? He had nothing to do with my comments, and I don’t even think he new about them until much later.

Construction used to be a hard business that required hard men to accomplish hard jobs. Now it seems that political correctness has invaded even that social subset and made it so even the softest hands and thinnest skin can get paid for simply showing up to work, kind of on time, and accomplishing as little as possible.

I am tired of putting my brain and body on the line every day for ungrateful bastards that only see me as a mobile meat puppet.

Since then, I have been doing things I have wanted to do and letting my body get better. I was shocked at how much pain went away when I stopped beating my body. The foot and back pain that I just took as getting older went away. I feel years younger while getting older and beginning to like being alive again.

Now I am hoping that I can appreciate my inner workings and revive this blog again. I have been feeling the need more and more to write and am scheduling time to do so, something I have not done in years.

Let’s see how long I can last this time, ‘eh?

Toast to a New Year and New Beginnings

Holy shit! It sure has been a long time since I’ve been here! (Over a year) Where the hell have I been?

Avoiding judgmental jerks, libtards, and other assorted assholes who take life too seriously and delight in forcing their view of the world upon others while telling everyone how tolerant they are.

I became very concerned about the levels of intolerance in our nation. Frankly, I became scared of backlash over things I might say in a forum that I pay for. I started this site to express opinions and just generally get things out of my brain where they could roam freely and get some exercise, but started feeling that I had to censor myself in order to not end up on some list somewhere.

This was not simply paranoia on my part. I have seen many things change in the last 10 years and witnessed a definite change in the way society dealt with opposing views. I also noticed that there did not need to be truth behind an accusation to get a person in a whole lot of trouble. The court of popular opinion became quite powerful.

So I quit writing, quit posting. Kept my head down and tried to hide behind a façade of innocence and ignorance. It actually worked for the most part. I did not end up in jail or a mental institution. Never found myself sitting in the snow wearing handcuffs and wondering what the hell went wrong. I did lose a couple of jobs for telling the truth and not adopting the narrative of the week, but I always found another.

Then a miracle happened! Against all reason and everything the narrative was telling us, Donald Trump was elected president.

I am now cautiously optimistic about the future. I no longer feel that I have to hide from Social Justice Warriors and everyone else with a phone and a pen. I do not feel that others need to accept my worldview, but on the other hand, I don’t feel they have to right to change my life because they do not agree with what I have to say.

I don’t pay for this site to influence others, I have this site to get things out of my head instead of bouncing around inside my skull like Tigger after double espresso.

I hope to start posting again, now that the fear is abated somewhat. What I do/say here is a form of therapy for me.
Happy New Year

On Manmade Global Warming

Disclaimer; I just kinda shot this off without editing because I am in a bit of a hurry and need to get my ass on the road to investigate a new job. (Another story) Please excuse any errors on my part. I hope to get back and edit this soon.

It seems like everywhere I turn I hear someone blathering about Manmade Global Warming. (MGW)

I find this concept arrogant in the extreme; that man can actually affect the climate to the extent that people seem to feel the need to change the way the entire world does things in order to guarantee the survival of the human race.

This damn planet has done a very good job of taking care of itself for a VERY long time, much longer than mankind has been around. The systems of nature took care of other climate changes that lead to where we are today and we all seem to be doing quite well, thanks for asking.

I have been part of American culture for a while now, and have to come to accept fact that people seem to WANT some kind if disaster to happen, be it the second coming of Ghawd (In all his many guises), natural disaster (California has failed to fall in the Pacific for the past 30 Years), zombies, nuclear war, plague (see zombies), tsunamis, power plant meltdowns, and many other ideas that are not coming to mind. We seem to delight in contemplating death and destruction.

And while all these changes that our government (and other governments) want to make to stop this catastrophe are being implemented, I can’t help but notice that there is one hell of a lot of money and power changing hands, and damn little rational thinking to go along with it. All of these “changes” are putting a band aid on a cut throat, if I am to believe the MGW people.

It seems to me that if we cut carbon emissions and curb greenhouse gas, it is just going to leave more room for the real root of the problem to grow: People. There are too many people. People need energy to do the things that people do. The more people, the more energy required. And besides, people also produce huge amounts of carbon dioxide and methane and other nasty chemicals and byproducts that harm the precious environment.

Hell, has anyone calculated how much CO2 is released into the air each year from fizzy drinks alone? I have read that people are now citing pumpkins as contributing to MGW, what about other fruits and vegetables? Are you and your family willing to give up Halloween and Christmas? What about chicken poop, dog turds, cat boxes, and mouse droppings? It seems to me that those nasty trees and plants are adding a huge amount of CO2 to the atmosphere. Are we going to do anything about them?

Just so I am perfectly clear to my imaginary readers that are less apt to pick up on sarcasm, I am trying to point out that MGW is not what we are lead to believe. What the point of the concept of MGW really is, I don’t know. I have some ideas, but I don’t know.

What I do know is that the presentation of the ‘facts’ does not really make any sense, especially when you look at the ‘solutions’. In medicine, the doctor should not treat the symptoms, but should treat the disease. Our MGW ‘solutions’ to not treat the supposed disease. They do, however, seem to change the distribution of money around the world, and it is not into your/my pocket.

I am hearing the hype of MGW daily, but not the underlying “meat”. I see daily propaganda but have noticed that anyone that chooses to disagree is slapped down firmly. “The consensus is” and “The experts agree/say” is not good enough for me. Climate models have proven to not be reliable. If they were correct, we would be swimming to work.

In summation, Please think about what you are being told. Question these dramatic statements and use reason instead of an emotional response. Invest some time and actually contemplate some of these things the media are presenting.

2015: The Year When Everyone Seems Offended


I have been terribly neglectful of this site. Considering that I pay money for this, it seems a waste and a shame.

The reason that I have been neglectful is simple. I am afraid of the PCP. (Politically Correct Police)

Frankly, over the years, (Since 2010) I have become terrified of these bastards. They seem to be lurking all over the media, internet, and even meatspace, seeking out reasons to be offended so they can rant and rave and loudly proclaim their righteous indignation to all who would listen.

These people don’t need badges, uniforms, or even authority. All they need is an opinion and somewhere to spout it in order to ruin careers, lives, relationships, and our future.

These are the people who can tell us everything that is wrong with life in America, but mostly are ignorant of the foundation and fundimentals on which this nation was built. They are so busy pointing out the bad that they can’t see how much hard work and sacrifice it took to get to where we are today. They don’t see themselves as lucky to be alive in this time of relative peace and preosperity, they see themselves as Knights fighting a battle against all wrong.

These people are using their freedom of speech to remove others of theirs. They don’t see the consequences of their actions. They probably don’t care.

I am NOT politically correct. I see politically correct as another way to lie. I like direct talk and direct people. I don’t like this bullshit of hiding behind words or twisting concepts to suit your personal wants. (Except for humor, then I am all in)

Remember: People CHOOSE to be offended.

So here is the bottom line; I refuse to let the PCP keep me from doing something I like to do. I do this for me, not you, or you, or even YOU. If you are offended by what you read here, then please excercise your right to do something else. If you choose to tell me that you are offended, then I shall take whatever action I feel is appropriate.

You all have been warned

Tasteless or Funny

No babies were hurt in the making of this photograph.
No vegetables were hurt.
The roasting pan was uninjured.
The oven was not turned on.
This session was carefully supervised by a protective new mother and her husband.
I took this photo because it I think it is funny.
If you choose to feel offended, feel free to “unfriend” me or whatever it is people do here.
And besides, you never roast a baby with the clothes on. Everyone knows that.


Greetings from Florida

I would apologize for neglecting the site except it is so damned hard to think creatively when you’re working over 55 hours a week. Work, come home, eat, sleep, lather, rinse, repeat.

I have been down here since the middle of October working my butt off on a hospital project. Free time is short and up until this last week I have not had time to do any touristy things.

I have, however, had a lot of fun pointing out to my friends in other places that my nights are in the 50s and my days in the 70s while they complain about freezing temperatures and snow.

While I am very near the “Happiest place on earth”, I cannot say that this is a place where I would want to live. Even in the winter, weather is too warm, the air too wet, and the land is far too flat. Besides that, I don’t think I could tolerate that much happy.

The drivers here scare the living shit outta me. Speed limits appear to be merely suggestions, and not being able to see over the steering wheel of a new Lincoln seems like a bad idea for a driver. Now I understand why there are so many golf carts and golf cart trails here. You won’t get so badly hurt if you have a collision at 12 miles an hour.

This is a nice place to visit but I would not want to live here.