Why I hate People: Reason 1256

Several years ago, one of the people on my team at work decided to throw a fit. I don’t think he really had a good reason to throw a fit. (He did, however, made up quite a few reasons to tell everyone why he threw a fit.) It was quite the cute little fit, with yelling, name calling, colorful metaphors, and the throwing of more than fit.

This individual has a history of throwing fits and more than fits. He throws hard hats and fists and anything handy that seems like it will fly dramatically when enough force is applied. He is obviously well practiced at throwing fits.

He was also very easily offended, taking even the most casual remark to heart and creating a dramatic episode from imagined wrongs. He was the first to confront someone when he feels offended, yet spends time criticizing others and passing judgment on how the world should be run to his specifications.

So after he threw his fit, I told him that his behavior was unacceptable and that I was warning him. I documented this to my bosses because he does have a history of fits at the workplace and is on a short fuse. I felt that I had to protect the interests of the company as well as my own ass if he decided to wait around after work and have a forceful exchange of ideas that resulted in bruises on my face and other sensitive areas on my body.

My bosses told me that I had to have him sign a document saying in that he knew he was warned and that I was not leading him to think that it was just going to go away. That is to say; I was told to write him up and have him sign it.

I did as I was told. I had him sign the appropriate form.

To his credit, when I had him sign the document he did not throw another fit. He did, however, try to turn the blame on me for what happened. The ol’, “You made me do it!” defense. He also let me know that he wanted me to ignore the incident and pretend that it had never happened. He did not want the incident on his record, and he was going to call my boss and tell on me for something.

I have not ever heard him say that he was at fault or that he has ever done anything wrong.

One might think that he would know by now that telling your boss “fuck you” in front of witnesses is not a good idea, and that throwing things at people at work is frowned upon. I have a hard time accepting the “You made me do it!” defense. That is what I would expect from a two year old, not a grown man with a child older than that.

In summary: Another reason I hate people is because of those people who expect you to permit or even cover up their behavior that is dangerous to others. I hate people who expect you to enable them to use threats to intimidate others, to look the other way, or defend them with things like, “He doesn’t know any better”.

How are they going to learn better if they get away with it?