On Manmade Global Warming

Disclaimer; I just kinda shot this off without editing because I am in a bit of a hurry and need to get my ass on the road to investigate a new job. (Another story) Please excuse any errors on my part. I hope to get back and edit this soon.

It seems like everywhere I turn I hear someone blathering about Manmade Global Warming. (MGW)

I find this concept arrogant in the extreme; that man can actually affect the climate to the extent that people seem to feel the need to change the way the entire world does things in order to guarantee the survival of the human race.

This damn planet has done a very good job of taking care of itself for a VERY long time, much longer than mankind has been around. The systems of nature took care of other climate changes that lead to where we are today and we all seem to be doing quite well, thanks for asking.

I have been part of American culture for a while now, and have to come to accept fact that people seem to WANT some kind if disaster to happen, be it the second coming of Ghawd (In all his many guises), natural disaster (California has failed to fall in the Pacific for the past 30 Years), zombies, nuclear war, plague (see zombies), tsunamis, power plant meltdowns, and many other ideas that are not coming to mind. We seem to delight in contemplating death and destruction.

And while all these changes that our government (and other governments) want to make to stop this catastrophe are being implemented, I can’t help but notice that there is one hell of a lot of money and power changing hands, and damn little rational thinking to go along with it. All of these “changes” are putting a band aid on a cut throat, if I am to believe the MGW people.

It seems to me that if we cut carbon emissions and curb greenhouse gas, it is just going to leave more room for the real root of the problem to grow: People. There are too many people. People need energy to do the things that people do. The more people, the more energy required. And besides, people also produce huge amounts of carbon dioxide and methane and other nasty chemicals and byproducts that harm the precious environment.

Hell, has anyone calculated how much CO2 is released into the air each year from fizzy drinks alone? I have read that people are now citing pumpkins as contributing to MGW, what about other fruits and vegetables? Are you and your family willing to give up Halloween and Christmas? What about chicken poop, dog turds, cat boxes, and mouse droppings? It seems to me that those nasty trees and plants are adding a huge amount of CO2 to the atmosphere. Are we going to do anything about them?

Just so I am perfectly clear to my imaginary readers that are less apt to pick up on sarcasm, I am trying to point out that MGW is not what we are lead to believe. What the point of the concept of MGW really is, I don’t know. I have some ideas, but I don’t know.

What I do know is that the presentation of the ‘facts’ does not really make any sense, especially when you look at the ‘solutions’. In medicine, the doctor should not treat the symptoms, but should treat the disease. Our MGW ‘solutions’ to not treat the supposed disease. They do, however, seem to change the distribution of money around the world, and it is not into your/my pocket.

I am hearing the hype of MGW daily, but not the underlying “meat”. I see daily propaganda but have noticed that anyone that chooses to disagree is slapped down firmly. “The consensus is” and “The experts agree/say” is not good enough for me. Climate models have proven to not be reliable. If they were correct, we would be swimming to work.

In summation, Please think about what you are being told. Question these dramatic statements and use reason instead of an emotional response. Invest some time and actually contemplate some of these things the media are presenting.