Toast to a New Year and New Beginnings

Holy shit! It sure has been a long time since I’ve been here! (Over a year) Where the hell have I been?

Avoiding judgmental jerks, libtards, and other assorted assholes who take life too seriously and delight in forcing their view of the world upon others while telling everyone how tolerant they are.

I became very concerned about the levels of intolerance in our nation. Frankly, I became scared of backlash over things I might say in a forum that I pay for. I started this site to express opinions and just generally get things out of my brain where they could roam freely and get some exercise, but started feeling that I had to censor myself in order to not end up on some list somewhere.

This was not simply paranoia on my part. I have seen many things change in the last 10 years and witnessed a definite change in the way society dealt with opposing views. I also noticed that there did not need to be truth behind an accusation to get a person in a whole lot of trouble. The court of popular opinion became quite powerful.

So I quit writing, quit posting. Kept my head down and tried to hide behind a façade of innocence and ignorance. It actually worked for the most part. I did not end up in jail or a mental institution. Never found myself sitting in the snow wearing handcuffs and wondering what the hell went wrong. I did lose a couple of jobs for telling the truth and not adopting the narrative of the week, but I always found another.

Then a miracle happened! Against all reason and everything the narrative was telling us, Donald Trump was elected president.

I am now cautiously optimistic about the future. I no longer feel that I have to hide from Social Justice Warriors and everyone else with a phone and a pen. I do not feel that others need to accept my worldview, but on the other hand, I don’t feel they have to right to change my life because they do not agree with what I have to say.

I don’t pay for this site to influence others, I have this site to get things out of my head instead of bouncing around inside my skull like Tigger after double espresso.

I hope to start posting again, now that the fear is abated somewhat. What I do/say here is a form of therapy for me.
Happy New Year