I was Wrong

In my last post, (from a long time ago) I expressed hopeful optimism that new direction in the political compass of this wonderful nation was about to occur.

My optimism was somewhat misplaced.

It takes time before the political correctness pendulum swings back and apparently, I did not wait long enough.

Several months ago I was fired from my job after making a politically incorrect joke about a team member who missed a lot of work. Several weeks of work. He missed nearly as much work as he was there for on a project that needed every hand on deck.

I was terminated for “abusing team members”.

What the fuck did they expect? With a name like Troll, did they think I was going to be sweetness and light and only see the shiny side of that tarnished penny? GMAFB! And for reasons that I can’t wrap my brain around, they fired my foreman as well. Why him? He had nothing to do with my comments, and I don’t even think he new about them until much later.

Construction used to be a hard business that required hard men to accomplish hard jobs. Now it seems that political correctness has invaded even that social subset and made it so even the softest hands and thinnest skin can get paid for simply showing up to work, kind of on time, and accomplishing as little as possible.

I am tired of putting my brain and body on the line every day for ungrateful bastards that only see me as a mobile meat puppet.

Since then, I have been doing things I have wanted to do and letting my body get better. I was shocked at how much pain went away when I stopped beating my body. The foot and back pain that I just took as getting older went away. I feel years younger while getting older and beginning to like being alive again.

Now I am hoping that I can appreciate my inner workings and revive this blog again. I have been feeling the need more and more to write and am scheduling time to do so, something I have not done in years.

Let’s see how long I can last this time, ‘eh?

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