Road Trip

As a celebration of my feeling retired, I took a road trip.

I had a rather informal invitation from one of my stepsons who lives in Virginia and thought it would be a great way to begin a new life style.

I put some things in a 12 foot cargo trailer and headed out for an adventure and had a wonderful time, except for the actual traveling.

That is the thing about travel. The actual travel, getting from point A to point B, sucks. I don’t care if you fly, road trip, or walk it seems to suck. But then again, for me, anything involving strangers always seems to suck. I generally don’t like people, even if they are locked on other mobile steel cages moving at terrorizing speeds.

My longest stop on this 3 week adventure was with my ex wife’s brother. (I know, weird. In truth, I often joke that I got her whole family in the divorce and they all seem to agree with that sentiment. Even my ex-wife.) I had a great time there and everyone was very good to me.

I spent a weekend with my stepson and was treated to another very good time. He and his wife showed me new sights in Washington DC and were proud of their new home. (As well they should be.) It was a happy time for me.

Everyone that I went to see were wonderful to hang out with. Thank you to each and every one.

I took a load of pictures on my travels, and hope to post a link here to share. I love taking pictures and holding the ghosts of the reflected photons hostage to grab an unchangeable idea. Each picture is a fraction of a second, held in time, a memory, a thousand words in a captured moment.

Weather pushed me to be a bit more direct in my trip back home. With winter rearing her chilly head I thought it would be good to head home to my bed. ( And even better, my toilet. I don’t know why, but for some reason when I travel, my asshole slams shut. Usually as soon as I am home, my asshole senses it and proclaims, “Release the Kraken”!)

All is well at my home on wheels and I am settled in nicely. While I loved my trip, there is something to be said for coming back home. It was all good, a very good experience where memories were made and a new, more relaxed view of these United States was created.

We all live in a wonderful place, and I hope we manage to not tear our nation to bits over ideals. Please, all, appreciate what we have and have achieved as a nation. This is truly a great place and a great time to be here. Be for something and not against something. We have achieved something remarkable here and I fear that we are tearing it apart with conflicting views. I think it is good to disagree, but rational exchange of ideas is necessary. Don’t diss someone with different ideas, but engage them and learn from them. You both may come out better people.