Looking for the Dark Side

I am beginning to think that we need to put warning signs on the inside of our doors to warn people that going outside might force them to see/feel something that makes them uncomfortable/triggered or possibly have to deal with unfiltered reality.


What the fuck happened to common sense and reason? When did everything become open to attack for someone’s emotionally charged/motivated rant about how what they have just seen/felt/been exposed to/experienced is simply an abomination and should be stricken from the world as though it never existed?


Everyone seems to be in some kind of race to see who can be the most offended the fastest for the smallest reason. (What is the prize at the end of THAT race, righteous indignation?)


I read that a traditional holiday cartoon (Please note “CARTOON”) is being criticized for being insensitive to beings who are different from the norm.


Are you fucking idiots feeling so self-important that you can no longer see the difference between a piece of fiction created long ago for children does not need in any way to relate to your interpretation of society? The reindeer in the story is a hero in the end, you vacuous vapeheads!!  That’s the point! He saves the holiday for the whole fucking world, you empty headed twits! That is what the story is about, not bullying, but OVERCOMING bullying!


(Repeating in order to reinforce the point)…..The story is about OVERCOMING ADVERSITY, not about an overly sensitive ruminant being bullied for being different.


I am tired beyond belief of those assholes who simply HAVE to do their determined best to ruin anything/everything for anyone who does not share their particular sensitivities/viewpoints and…. (Let’s get this out there)… PREJUDICES. (Yep, I done said it cause it is true.)


It is kind of like the gluten thing. A small percentage of the population are sensitive to glutens. That is the way it is. But why suddenly is EVERYONE claiming that those pesky glutens should be watched like the mold growing on the bathroom walls? How about people who are sensitive deal with things and those who are not leave glutens alone and get on with doing something besides whining about imaginary diseases?  (No, I am not saying Celiac disease is imaginary. I am saying that far too many people claim to have Celiac when they in fact just want to play the victim and do not have anything wrong with them other that an inflamed sense of self-importance.)


Recently an objection was raised about a non-white cartoon character being  seated alone at a Thanksgiving table. At the period of time when that now traditional cartoon was made, inclusion of the non-white character was considered a somewhat radical idea and was both criticized and applauded depending on who cared to comment at the time. That cartoon helped some Americans come to accept the melanin enhanced into their everyday lives. It was a good thing to do and good came from it. Now some are whining that the character was treated unfairly and the show should now be banned.


Why in the fuck are some people focused on what is wrong with things and anxious to ignore what is right? Things are not perfect, but they are actually damn good and getting better. Traditional minorities have it better in the country than ever before. Health care is available to more people than ever before. Clean water, food, shelter, information, literacy, clothing, transportation are all available to Americans of nearly any means, yet a select group choose to focus on what is not perfect, not equal, not “fair”.


Please learn, especially in this season of celebration of whatever you celebrate, to look for the GOOD in things. Point out good things as often as you point out what is wrong. Instead of looking for darkness, see the light.


It is far better out there than you think.


Rant over