Welcome. I am glad you’re reading this.

Anything I post here is probably mine. If it’s not mine I will try my best to credit whoever’s responsible. I will not steal anothers material intentionally. I do reserve the right to recycle my old material. Some of that shit was pretty fun. Also, I make shit up. I like playing fast and loose with people’s perceptions of what is real.

I am not politically correct and do not intend to change my ways. I may say things that offend you. If so, please exercise your right to not read these things. This blog is not a popularity contest and I will not be offended if you don’t care to read what I have to say. I write here for me, not you. Get over it.

I swear for emphasis and am a very emphatic person. I swear a lot in real life. If you are sensitive about language, feel free to not read what I have posted. If you are sensitive at all, you might want to go somewhere else. I am not a sensitive/touchy/feely kinda guy. I don’t like people in general, but can like individuals just fine.

If you choose to comment, be warned that I will not encourage emotional discharge. I appreciate rational discourse, but have to use for vitriol or pulpit pounding. This is my playground, you play by my rules.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings.


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